Tailor made chairs for you and your lifestyle

Here at the Posture Care Chair Company, we know bodies. And we know every ‘body’ is different. That’s how we’ve been putting the ‘comfort’ back into comfortable lifestyles for over 40 years. It’s all about the perfect fit and we go to great lengths to ensure your chair is exclusively tailor-made for you.

Firstly, we use a multi-point system to measure your body. Then with our deep understanding of the niggles, aches and pains and medical conditions that life throws at us, we will help improve your lifestyle and wellbeing with the comfort of a totally personalised chair.

But it’s not just a chair. It’s quite a science. For instance, when seated in a chair; knees above the hips may cause hip pain, a seat that is too deep may cause lumbar pain, and feet that don’t touch the floor could result in swelling and pins and needles. Even armrests that aren’t at the correct height may cause strain on the neck and shoulders. A perfectly fitting chair means that your body is supported in the best position to function properly, allowing you to feel rested and maintain your active lifestyle.

Whether you’re wanting a chair for health benefits or just to experience the ultimate in comfort, a Posture Care Chair can change your life.

Comfortable seating for an active you

Our chairs look comfortable, but it’s what lies beneath the surface that really matters. Every chair is packed with engineering excellence to improve your wellbeing and offer total relaxation. Posture Care Chair Company exclusively build recliners like no other company with up to 9 automated comfort settings. Our innovative reclining mechanisms allow you to achieve infinite recline and lift positions depending on your lifestyle and different needs. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in your chair with your feet raised, take a well-deserved nap and recline it all the way back, or even reduce swelling of the ankles by achieving the sensation of weightlessness in our Medi-Lift recline position.

A chair that is completely customised to a position that feels comfortable to you means that your body will be supported in all the right positions while you relax. No need to second guess your ability to achieve the active lifestyle you wish with a Posture Care Chair.

Fully customised with up to 9 automated comfort settings

Adjustable electric neck support

Allows you to find the sweet spot that relieves neck and shoulder tension

Massage/heat unit

Applies gently vibration massage to enhance relaxation and reduce stress. Three heat pads help relieve pain.

Adjustable electric lumbar and sacral support

For precision contouring for support and comfort. Supports the lumbar, relieves pressure on nerves and discs, improves posture and relieves lower back pain.

Adjustable electric ankle support

reduces pressure on your lower limbs, helps alleviate nerve and joint pain, and maintains good circulation.

MEDI-LIFT (patent no. 2018241134), our revolutionary breakthrough

At the Posture Care Chair Company, we’ve proudly accomplished what no-one else has; adjustable weightlessness technology. Now you can elevate your legs higher than your heart to achieve uplifting health benefits including oedema/lymphedema management, improved blood circulation, reducing swelling of the ankles and feet and achieve easy weight transfer for spinal pressure relief.

Comfort technology

includes medical grade, weight-rated, gel-laminated foam for seating and lumbar. Nothing but the best materials are used for coil springs, cushioning, foam and dacron.

Comfort craftsmanship

Made in Adelaide using Australian oak and uncompromising build quality.

Invest in your wellness

Feel the benefits for yourself with our in home shopping service

The ultimate in personal comfort is having one of our friendly professionals come to your home. You’ll be able to test-drive your chair in your own environment and discover how our chairs can enhance your well-being and lifestyle.

Platinum Care – peace of mind

We’re famous for our personalised service and attention to detail and if you’d like even more peace of mind, we offer the Platinum Care Plan, our exclusive service featuring your own comfort concierge and many extra benefits including:

  • Express delivery within 28 days
  • Follow up assessment 4-5 days after delivery
  • Further ongoing assessments at 4, 6 and 26 weeks
  • Fabric or leather protection
  • Extended 24 month comfort guarantee
  • Clean and executive assessment after 1 year, including dry clean and deodorising

100% Comfort Guarantee

After completely tailoring your chair to your body and your lifestyle needs, we proudly
stand by our chairs 100 per cent. That means that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-tailor, redesign until it’s perfect. No ifs or buts.

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