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‘Made For You’ full body comfort

Each of our tailor-made recliner chairs can be enjoyed by anybody, no matter what their lifestyle holds. Every chair is built for the rigours of home life, aged care facilities, patient use in hospitals and medical facilities. Every person is different and have individual specific requirements. This is why every one of our recliners are tailor-made and contoured precisely to you.

Our tailor-made chairs support the individual’s body by keeping the spine aligned and assisting with posture. A correctly supported posture offers many benefits on the body including aiding general health and well-being. Recliner chairs that are not fitted to an individual’s specific measurements can place unnecessary pressure on various parts of the body. These issues are particularly prevalent for those people living with arthritic pain, back problems or other physical ailments.

Assisting relief from pain and discomfort

We deliver recliner chairs that provide ultimate comfort, a customised design and thoughtful craftsmanship. This superior quality is coupled with our famous personalised service and Comfort Guarantee. Often, our chairs are designed for people living with arthritis, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, swelling of the ankles, and many other medical conditions.

Through our expertise in postural support and advanced design innovations, we have been able to provide comfort, superior postural support and pressure relief for many individuals. This includes individuals who have Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, as well as many others. Each of our tailor-made and contoured chairs can be enjoyed by anyone.

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Fully customised with up to 9 automated comfort settings

Adjustable electric neck support

Allows for individualising personal comfort and support to relieve built up tension in the neck and shoulders, accomodating all positions when reclined and relaxing. 

Adjustable electric lumbar and sacral support

The pressure applied to the lower lumbar can be adjusted to individual needs. It supports the natural curve of the lumbar, increasing comfort and support, and assisting in relieving lower back pain.

Local craftsmanship

Made in Adelaide since 1978, using Australian oak and uncompromising build quality.

Massage/heat unit

The gentle stimulation massage helps promote circulation through vibration. The three heat pads can be personally positioned to allow maximum individual benefit.  Our massage and heat unit improves muscle relaxation, stress reduction, assists with relieving pain and has customisable placing of three separate heat pads.

Adjustable electric ankle support

Reduces pressure on your lower limbs, helps alleviate nerve and joint pain, and maintains good circulation.

Comfort technology

Includes medical grade, weight-rated, gel-laminated foam for seating and lumbar. Nothing but the best materials are used for coil springs, cushioning, foam and dacron.

Medi-Lift Zero-Gravity Recline, Lift & Tilt (patent no. 2018241134), our revolutionary breakthrough

At the Posture Care Chair Company, we’ve proudly accomplished what no-one else has; adjustable weightlessness technology. Now you can elevate your legs higher than your heart to achieve uplifting health benefits including oedema/lymphedema management, improved blood circulation, reducing swelling of the ankles and feet and achieve easy weight transfer for spinal pressure relief.

Feel the benefits for yourself with our in-home measure service

The ultimate in personal comfort is having one of our friendly professionals come to your home. You’ll be able to test-drive your chair in your own environment and discover how our chairs can enhance your well-being and lifestyle.

Who uses our chairs


Everyday People

Our chairs are perfect in home and allow for you to relax in comfort. Whether you are living with a particular medical condition or want the absolute best comfort.



For 40 years our chairs have been used in every major hospital in SA. Our chairs are the perfect way to keep patients comfortable while they are recovering.-

Customer Seating

Aged Care Facilities

We understand that the number one priority for aged care facilities is to look after and keep the residents comfortable. With a Posture Care Chair your loved ones will be relaxed, comfortable and relieved of any pain or discomfort.



We have innovative chair designs that are built specifically for clinics around South Australia. These clinics include several medical centres and The Adelaide Clinic.

King of comfort & built to last.


Learn more about our Tailor Made Process

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