Electric Recliner Lift Chair

Electric recliner lift chair

Posture Chair Care Company is a family-owned and South Australian business that prides in its customer service and Electric recliner lift chair. We have Electric recliner lift chair that provide our customers with personalised and tailor made comfort that suits and helps your body’s posture needs. We have been in the field for 40 years and built a reputation for having an outstanding level of personalised service and care for our clients. Our Electric recliner lift chair has become well renowned for their comfort, design and quality workmanship. The designs of our chairs are served to give comfort for individuals who may suffer or live with many different medical conditions. We also give our customers the opportunity to have chair personalisation picking their style and offer you great customer warranty that cannot be beaten. We have a process that is systematic and ensure that our chairs are to be tailored to your body and that we deliver the best customer service.

Why our electric recliner lift chairs is a process that gives you ultimate comfort.

The Process we entail here at Posture Chair Care uses a unique multi-point measuring system that helps tailor your Electric recliner lift chair to perfection. We ensure that our Electric recliner lift chair will fulfil your needs of comfort and meet the exact contours of your body, which makes our Electric recliner lift chair the best on the market. We have a systematic process that we use here at Posture Chair Care to ensure all clients receive the best process from our staff and company.

  • Step 1- We find out about your specific health requirements and comfort needs
  • Step 2 – We build you a tailor-made chair designed for your desired comfort
  • Step 3 – We deliver your chair with a comfort guarantee
  • Step 4 – Recline, Relax and Enjoy the Posture Experience!

This process is made to ensure that each of our product is precisely made for your body and most importantly your posture. We provide staff that will help you and put you in great hands to receive the best service from start to handover.

Why inquire about our Electric recliner lift chair today!

Our company at ensure that we deliver the best customer service and products such as our Electric recliner lift chair in every process. Our staff are here to tailor and customise your Electric recliner lift chair to your desire. Here at Posture Care Chair we put your health and comfort requirements first and offer platinum service with our Posture chair Platinum care plan. This gives our consumers the first class treatment with more perks and additions to our services to you. Better yet, we give you the best guarantee with the ‘Made For You’ guarantee that means our staff will revisit and retailor your chair if it isn’t up to your standards or meeting your health needs. Although we offer Electric recliner lift chair we have manual lift chairs that are available to those that will better suit their needs. Our chairs have electric motors and have state of the art structural features such as foams and frames.

We have one guarantee and priority that is designing a Electric recliner lift chair that is unique to you and suits the needs of your body. Don’t wait, Call us now and start your posture process today! 08 8361 3344

We offer an exclusive ‘Made For You’ Comfort Guarantee on all of our Posture Care Chairs as well as an optional express delivery service

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