Do you have parking on premises? Is parking easy?

Yes, we have some parking on premises and there is plenty of free street parking also.

Can you organise a taxi for us?

Absolutely. We can organise a taxi, including access taxis, to pick you up as well as drop you home. This is a free service for you.

Are you open Saturdays?

Yes, we are open Saturdays 10-2 and Monday to Friday 9-5

Do you have wheelchair access?


Do you accept cheque?

We accept cash, eftpos, credit card, and checks.

Do you charge surcharge on credit card payments?


Can you come to my house for a quote, measure or fitting?

Absolutely. Quite often we can do a same day service for in home appointments.

Who comes to my house?

We have a trusted team of very experienced consultants with collectively over 60 years’ experience in the industry. They are fully aware of all the ways our chairs will benefit your body and needs, from posture to health purposes.

Do you service all areas in South Australia?

In the 40 years that The Posture Care Chair Company has been operating, we have travelled to Mount Gambier, Broken Hill, Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island. We will travel where our customers require us to help them.

Do you visit or measure in nursing homes/hospitals/rehab facilities?

Yes. We will go where ever we are needed.

Is the in home service a free service?

Yes. There is no cost, no obligation involved with us coming out to visit, we are not pushy people.

What happens at the time of a measure?

We bring the chairs, measuring tools, fabrics and leathers. The consultant discusses the best solution with their client based on their needs and wants. They are then measured and select their desired fabric.

Where are you located on Angas Street? Are you easy to find?

We are very easy to find. Our premises is just around the corner from Hutt Street, just before you get to Cardwell Street.

Where do your chairs come from?

Our chairs are designed and built in our workshop, on the same premises as our showroom on Angas street.

How long does it take to build my chair?

Normal delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Individual situations are taken into consideration. We try as much as possible to help to customise to our customers’ needs.

Does my electric lift recliner chair have to plug into the wall?

Yes, they require a power outlet to operate.

Is there any way we can run the chair without power?

Yes. We can build a chair with a rechargeable lithium battery – this alleviates the issue of the electrical cord being in the way of walking pathways. These chairs are required to plug in overnight, and last for a few days.

What happens during a power failure?

Our chairs include a transformer that holds 2 x 9v batteries which activate in a power failure to allow you to get out of your chair.

What is the warranty on the motor?

Our motors have a warranty of 12 months, including a 3-year warrantee on the motorised actions.

Do you only do motorised chairs or do you do chairs with levers?

We do both tailor-made manual and electric lift recliners. Our manual recliners come with a variety of levers and mechanisms to recline you.

Do we upholster in leathers?

Of course. We have a large variety of the best quality leathers in various colours to choose from.

Where do we source our leathers from?

Our leathers only come from New Zealand or Italy because this is where the best quality leather comes from. Australia does not have a tannery and these destinations have the best conditions for tanning and making leathers.

What happens after I buy a chair?

We provide an after sales service where we are always here to help. We care about the wellbeing of our clients and because of this we offer them a long term comfort guarantee.

We’re hear to help with any queries!

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