How you get the very best chair

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Each of our tailor-made chairs are developed through our unique multi-point measuring system. This system allows for your chair to suit the exact contours of your own body and enables you to experience the ultimate comfort.

Our specific measurements consider the following

  • Seat Depth and Height – We measure these components to ensure that you have a high level of back support while also maintaining your knees and feet in the correct position
  • Seat Width – The seat width measurement ensures that you are comfortably placed in the centre of the seat. This also enables you to have the correct shoulder support
  • Seat Padding – We have a selection of seat padding, from extra soft to extra firm, allowing you to choose the appropriate type of padding
  • Armrest Height – The armrest height is measured to ensure that there is support for your elbows while keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed
  • Backrest Height – We measure the backrest height so that your back and neck are supported while seated in the chair
  • Lumber Support – Shape and padding of the chair are individually tailored so that you obtain personalised lumber support and comfort
  • Foot Pad – The foot pad is measured to the appropriate length and shape, offering exact contoured support for your feet, legs and ankles
  • Padding Foam – We accurately measure out the padding foam to ensure that you obtain proper comfort on your thighs and back of your knees

Completely manufactured in our own workshop

Our workshop is an extension of our showroom, right in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. We have several trained professional craftsmen who work closely together with our sales team and management, ensuring that every chair is made exactly as per instructions. Our workshop is an open environment, allowing for collaboration and innovation.

Our customers are invited to tour our factory, to see the process involved in proudly building your chair.

Contact us to book a measure and tour our workshop

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