Be involved in designing a chair to suit your lifestyle

Truly Tailor Made & Customisable

Have you ever owned a tailor made piece of clothing? Imagine relaxing in your favourite chair that fits EXACTLY to your personal body’s shape and size. Each of our BESPOKE chairs are designed and built with your collaboration. We use our unique multi-point measuring system allowing the chair to suit the exact measurements and contours of your own body. This enables you to experience the true support and comfort your body requires for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Every chair design is customised to cater for your specific needs and match your personal style. We have many accessories and functionality options to suit your specific comfort requirement and lifestyle. We also have an extensive range or fabrics or leathers to match your décor. All of our chairs can be designed as either manual or electric.


Our popular customised features

Some of our Tailored Designs

Mix and match these designs to create a chair that suits your individual needs and personal style.

Introducing our new European inspired range.

A sleek, contemporary design, tailor made, contoured and customised to fit your body, home and lifestyle.




Driftaway Variation




Eden Classic







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Learn about our functionality, style and accessory features

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Our Promise.

Our chairs are exclusively made for you and we offer a ‘Made For You’ Comfort Guarantee on all of our tailor-made chairs. No other competing manufacturer or retailer can match! If you are not 100% satisfied with your new tailor-made Posture Care Chair, our team will re-tailor, re-design, and re-shape the chair until it is your perfect fit!

Our Seat Foam

Up to 10 year guarantee

Our multi layered memory gel seat foam has 3 layers to achieve ultimate comfort. Our foam is laminated and categorised as a high-resilience grade, therefore its durability and quality goes hand in hand with the longevity of our chairs. The foam is especially chosen and transformed for each individual’s weight and comfort requirements.

We use a CompriShield anti-microbial protection on our comfort grade foam which provides antibacterial odour protection, mould resistance and protection against dust mites.

Our Australian manufactured foam exceeds the Australian and Global environmental regulations. It is made with VPF (Variable Pressure Foam) Technology meaning the creation process uses atmospheric pressure to produce environmentally friendly foam.

The foam is:

  • Durable
  • Clean
  • Green
  • Sustainable

Our multi-layered gel foam (3 layers) provides the ultimate comfort. We use a CompriShield anti-microbial protection (which provides antibacterial odour protection, mould resistance and protection against dust mites).

Layer 1:

The base layer of the foam is a firm base which provides extra resilience, support and a deep level of comfort.

Layer 2:

The middle layer is also of high resilience. However, it is slightly softer than the base layer. This allows for a progressively softer supportive seat for increased comfort.

Layer 3:

The top layer, also known as the overlay, is a ‘Gelform’. This Gelform is a slow release or memory foam layer that includes Gel particles. These Gel particles aid in heat absorption and distribution. By conforming to the person’s body, it allows for the ultimate comfort.

Our Frames

Our high quality frames allow us to offer a 25-year guarantee

We consider our frames to be the foundation of our chair. Therefore, we make them with only the best timber. We use the highest quality Tasmanian oak combined with Australian structural grade plywood.

The timber frames are built on our premises in our own wood shop. Each frame is glued, screwed, and assembled with tee nuts, staples and corner blocks to ensure strength and durability. Furthermore, all of our major joints are notched using the old fashion timber manufacturing method.

All manufacturing is done on premises in the CBD to guarantee standards adhere to our precise quality controls. We use Tasmanian oak rather than pine or any other softwoods because of the following benefits:

  • Stronger
  • Reliable
  • Wear resistant
  • Durable

Our Electric Motors

3 year guarantee

Our electric motors are European designed and are especially created for Posture Care Chair recliners.

The Electric Motors are developed to ensure we offer the highest quality, strength and durability available on the market worldwide.

You will easily notice the quietness and smooth operation of each Posture Care Chair motor.

Each Electric Motor is individually checked for break loads at several hundred kilos. This ensures longevity and durability of your chair.

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