Recliner Chairs Adelaide

Recliner Chairs Adelaide

Here at Posture Chair Care Company we are a South Australian and family run business that is dedicated in delivering the best Recliner chairs Adelaide . We have a range of Recliner chairs Adelaide that are designed to cater for our consumer health requirements and comfort needs. With 40 years in our field we keep providing chairs that can be designed and personalised to suit the style and contours of your body. Our Recliner chairs Adelaide are tailor made for individuals that who suffer from particular medical conditions. With an outstanding reputation there is no looking past of what our chairs can offer for your health and desired comfort. Our warranty cannot be beaten, as we will keep personalising your chair till it fits your required posture and health needs. We use a systematic process that will reassure the chair will be designed to your bodies measurement. Our factory is open for our customers to visit and see how we operate the best Recliner chairs Adelaide.

The process that serves you our Recliner chairs Adelaide

Posture Chair Care has a unique multi-point measuring system for its Recliner Chairs Adelaide and is a process that will ensure you get most comfortable product. This process allows our amazing staff to tailor and suit the exact contours of your body. We take this step-by-step guide to fully create our Recliner chairs Adelaide.

  • Step 1- We find out about your specific health requirements and comfort needs
  • Step 2 – We build you a tailor-made chair designed for your desired comfort
  • Step 3 – We deliver your chair with a comfort guarantee
  • Step 4 – Recline, Relax and Enjoy the Posture Experience!

Our company possesses Adelaide’s very best process that ensures you will have a chair that will fulfil the requirements you have for your health and posture. We are driven in delivering the best customer service to your doorstep. Our service also doesn’t stop after sale, if any issues arise we will arrange a comfort reassessment or help with any operating procedures to make sure your chair is made perfectly.

Don’t look past the best Recliner chairs Adelaide

Our company is driven by an amazing reputation in customer service and delivering you the best Recliner Chairs Adelaide. Our priority is our Recliner chairs Adelaide being designed to be unique and suit the needs of your body. Our staff are here to provide the best product for you and we mean that! We also provide the Posture chair Platinum care plan, which is our first class service for our customers. This entails many more perks and the full posture experience for your health needs. We also offer these customers the Made For You’ guarantee, which is when we will revisit to tailor and adjust your purchased chair until it is up to the comfort and health requirements your body desires. We offer electric and manual Recliner chairs Adelaide that are to suit what you need as our client. We have many options for you to choose from and are always happy to start your venture when you give us a call!

We are your very best in Recliner Chairs Adelaide, suffer from any health or posture problems? Call our phone and see how we can help today! 08 8361 3344

We offer an exclusive ‘Made For You’ Comfort Guarantee on all of our Posture Care Chairs as well as an optional express delivery service

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